Xfam SVN Repository

This is the Xfam subversion (SVN) repository. It provides access to the raw Pfam and Rfam data (it used to also provide access to the code used to build Xfam but this has been moved to a github repository. Unless you are specifically interested in the raw, unformatted curation data, you should probably be looking at the main Pfam and Rfam websites. You can see more details about what can be found on this server below.

The subversion repository houses the raw family and clan data, whilst the software that is used to build, quality control and submit the data is stored in a github repository. If you wish to submit data to Pfam or Rfam, you must be a registered user, while changes to the software are restricted to certified developers. However, anybody can look at either repository. The easiest way to view the code is via the GitHub interface. You can view the latest versions of Pfam families and Rfam families directly.

If you are interested in adding families and can invest the time needed to understand the set-up, then please contact us.